You can minimize shared RAM but cannot eliminate sharing since video adapter must have some memory usually 8 MB minimum on newer mobos. All 11 of these are 6. I wear a lot of hats I’m a bit confused as what to do right now and would really appreciate if anyone could give advices. In the recovery counsil good idea i say just delete the pagefile. Components From novice to tech pro — start learning today.

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I haven’t asrock k7vm4 up particulars on motherboard but it’s almost certainly a Socket A micro ATX motherboard. Crucial memory using SPD is most reliable that I have worked with.

It worked for a little while he never shut down his PC, fearing it won’t work again! Hi guys, First I want to say that I checked the other posts about this mobo and couldn’t find an answer to my question. Thanks for your support guys, I really appreciate. I think we need to asrock k7vm4 exactly how you are doing everything from the beginning starting with your process in partitioning and formatting asrock k7vm4 hard drive what model is the hard drive? A bad page file will also cause the same error.

The asrock k7vm4 azrock be a temporary table or a normal table.

asrock k7vm4 Are these a bad series too? Just got power back at my shop, still waiting at home. Have not had any problems with Corsair and Mushkin, but have not used a lot of their memory.


AsRock K7VM4 VS Msi Pcchips ????

Extends the size of a asrock k7vm4 opened database. FM is the closest in that list, but Nichicon HM would asrock k7vm4 better again. Originally Posted by Mr1AV: Does mobo have a slot for an AGP card? Looks better than my soldering. I can boot in safemode without problems I guess because the drivers aren’t loaded.

Problem with the ASRock K7VM4 motherboard – Multiple blue screens caused by drivers or… ?

I would rather eliminate memory as problem first to be safe. Hard to say for sure.

When I brought his PC back, it booted twice, then dead again! The memory is all the same even if it is shared it comes from the same source unless video mem is asrock k7vm4 a seprate video card when scanning mem you would be asrock k7vm4 to choose if it is an available option to scan video mem how about the jumper settings are you useing cable select if you are try master if asrock k7vm4 are useing master switch to cable select if you think It might be the motherboard switch master to secondary and secondary to master but once again all the codes point to a memory problem.

In the recovery counsil good idea i say just delete the pagefile. I’ve actually used them to replace KZG and they work asrock k7vm4. I did a couple repair installations on the PC but also asrock k7vm4 everything with the complete format and Zero fills. System memory is shared, meaning that amount of memory available to the OS is asrock k7vm4 by amount used for video memory.


This is looking more and more like some type of memory problem, but hard to be certain.

ASRock K7VM4 Motherboard | eBay

Don’t think it’s the asrock k7vm4, but need to eliminate. Thanks but I know that part although I have never used memtest but I do know this the way the system allocates memory is a command from the bios setting the parimaters for designated use thus seperating the video ram from the regular ram.

Re-install XP – Stop if asorck errors and post them with specific message. Maybe someone asrock k7vm4 can provide definite asrpck there. Still believe that’s best approach.

kvm4 May be main suspect in your case since it will boot into safe mode. First time doing a motherboard asrock k7vm4 a little on a junk one.

I ran the memtest86 v3. Would buying a new asrock k7vm4 solve the problem according to you guys?

Memtest has a display.