Refer to mailing list, two users with asus lb notebook AU onboard can use alsa driver but another user with au sound card have irq problem. Most applications such as xmms, mplayer, gxine have native alsa support. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You need to fix those bug described in the patch http: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Fri 02 Apr

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Sun 04 Apr Are these used as SB leagcy ports or Modem ports? I still can’t hear the sound.

Thu 27 May Vortex 2 in Windows You will need to find out how to disable those routines related to wavetable and which part of the code causing win2 Meanwhile, here is the output of “lcpci -vn” for Class This site hosts no abandonware. Do you au sound card work properly in Windows?

Please click [cancel] button and then [yes] button to remove the driver.

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IRQ reg error What other checks can I perform to see what the problem is? Sun 28 Mar I’m getting a Diamond MX next week so i will try them out if they install or not in soon enough.


You need an audio cable if you want to listen CD music. My XMMS and alsa-lib are current, using 2.

Fix for Aureal Vortex 2 with Via chipset-based motherboards and Win2K

Sun 19 Jun All volume are muted by default at bootup, alsamixer allow you to change setting but it don’t save setting. Please log inso followups can be emailed to you. I found a beta driver that changes nothing. I’ll try your second too although it seems aimed wink2 AMD systems. Fri 14 May Delete the following files, please go to C: Thu 10 Jun Jump to the original submission.

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The only problem I see is the error message at system bootup – vortex: You can also use speaker-test in alsa-util From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The suspend function does not work on my LB notebook under NT4 environment, why?

I’ve tried your drivers on my freshly installed Windows with a Diamond MX and can report the following so far: I google for my issue Audio halts after a few minutes of if I use A3Dand I see references to fixes or patches, but each and every link and source is dead. Do your au has a quad codec? This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.


Do you think this task is very important? Fri 02 Apr What’s the status on this now? You have to select default or hw: These are updated and from the reports they work well in XP.