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Cherry smart card reader should it not box EMV relocate? I have a new computer with Windows 7 bit OS. Also, due to the fact that most computers do not have serial ports or use PS2 keyboards anymore, this reader is useless for modern computers. More information regarding this CAC Reader. This has worked for some people.

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Cherry smart card reader (STU) – Microsoft Community

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The simplest solution is for you is to get a modern vendor supported CAC reader above this section.

Being told it is Mac friendly although t he manufacturer does not show any support for this reader on Macs. Mac friendly after this update except when using Firefox.

Cherry smart card reader (STU-1000)

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Cuerry disable security software and firewall and check if the Smart card reader is detected, and also try to connect to a different USB port and check if it works. If your Mac is having problems with this reader, you will need to update it using a Windows computer or Bootcamped Mac.

Also refer the below article and try the steps in the link, which might help you fix the smart card issue.


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They have never sent me a “How – To. Computer smart card reader: Last Update or Review: Cherry st u all Cherry st u readers are created equal. NOT Mac friendly according to manufacturer’s website. Alternate installation file installation instructions are in the. I have no personal preference as to who you decide to purchase from. Hold the control key [on your keyboard] when clicking the. Manufacturer website shows NO Mac compatibility.

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