I was trapped in toilet for 3 DAYS

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A WOMAN was rescued after getting trapped in her own toilet for three days when she accidentally broke the door handle.

The 54-year-old had become so desperate after no help showed up that she even wrote her will on the bathroom wall using lipstick.


The woman was trapped in her bathroom for three daysCredit: ViralPress


The desperate woman wrote a letter to her loved ones on the bathroom wallCredit: ViralPress

The incident happened on August 22, when the woman had just finished showering at her home in Bangkok, Thailand.

The woman, who lives alone in the four-storey townhouse, started calling for help but as her home has secure steel gates around no one could hear her screams.

After spending three days in the bathroom, it appears the woman had given up and wrote a farewell letter to her loved ones.

The letter read: “I was stuck on the 22nd and couldn’t get out…

“I’ve been drinking tap water to stay alive and if it runs out, I’ll probably die.

“I’ve been screaming for help, but no one could hear, no one has arrived.”

The woman was eventually rescued when her sister, worried she wasn’t returning her calls contacted the police.

She said: “No matter how many times I try to call, no one answers.

“I found her car is parked in front of the house so she didn’t leave the house. I was worried that something might have happened to her.”

Police officers used pliers to cut off the padlocks and searched the property before finding the woman in the bathroom.

The woman said: “I tried to break the door and cried for help but no one heard me.

“I used the things inside the bathroom to break through the door but it was so sturdy. I did not have food and drank tap water to survive.”

Rescuers found the woman to be generally in good health but she was taken to the hospital for further assessment.

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