Moment orca rips out 30ft whale’s TONGUE and drowns it in ferocious battle

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THIS is the bloody moment a killer whale ripped out its 30ft opponent’s tongue before drowning it in a ferocious battle to the death.

The orcas were captured clashing off the coast of California in dramatic drone footage, before the ocean runs red with blood.


The two whales engaged in a battle to the death off the coast of CaliforniaCredit: YouTube


Bloody footage shows the moment the tongue of the 30ft beast was ripped outCredit: YouTube

The chilling eight-minute clip was shared on YouTube by Monterey Bay Whale Watch, who witnessed the incident in April 2019.

The conservationist claims five killer whales surrounded the grey whale before the brawl broke out between the pair.

During the one-on-one tussle, the warring duo grappled for some time while fearlessly thrashing around in the ocean.

The orca then expertly attacks the gray whale, ripping its tongue out.

The grey whale is then drowned and fails to resurface as a sea of red is left in its wake.

Social media users were left mortified by the brawl between the majestic marine mammals.

One Reddit user observed: “Orcas are literal gang members. This was a targeted initiation move on an innocent bystander.

“I do not support.”

Another added: “Orca did a roll similar to the crocodilian death roll.

“Also notice that this Grey whale is the same size as the Orca, it’s a juvenile.”

The gruesome encounter comes amid an alarming spate of reported orca attacks this year.

Just last week Brits were left fearing for their lives after a pod of killer whales rammed into their yacht.

The bloodthirsty mob ripped off a chunk of rudder while surrounding the vessel in the Atlantic Ocean.

The crew were overwhelmed by their “tremendous” power and struggled to regain control of the yacht, leaving them believing they were sinking.


And just shortly before the orca ordeal off the coast of Spain, another crazed pod of killer whales succeeded in sinking a boat.

Five people were dramatically rescued after the 25ft orcas smashed a hole in the hull six miles from the port of Sines in Portugal.

The tourists were left terrified when the vessel began taking on water as the relentless mammals contained to attack.

They bailed out into a life raft and were picked up by a fishing vessel alerted by the Navy, miraculously escaping injury.

Sailors have told of their terrifying ordeals, recounting how they feared for their lives as the whales rammed their boats for hours and broke off rudders.

In one account, 45-year-old Martin Evans feared his vessel would sink after an arm of roughly 30 orcas targeted him.


He exclusively told The Sun how the five-ton mammals rammed his boat as his crew sailed near the Strait of Gibraltar.

Martin, who lives in Greece, said: “It was an onslaught.”

Nathan Jones, 27, of New Milton, Hants, added: “I began to think: ‘Is this how it all ends?’

“If the boat had sunk we would have been in a life raft surrounded by killer whales. That would have be drastic.”

It was the latest in a string of orca attacks in the area.

Martin said: “It felt like they had a plan and were angry.”

Scientists have recorded a particular increase in orca incidents along the Atlantic coasts of Spain and Portugal.

The attacks, some of which have left boats damaged, have taken place in different parts of the Spanish north coast and the Iberian peninsula.

It promoted the Spanish government to issue a temporarily ban on sailboats sailing in certain regions to prevent further attacks.


Witnessed say the grey whale had been attacked by a group of five orcasCredit: YouTube


And this final encounter left a sea of redCredit: YouTubeTerrifying moment ‘huge whale’ nearly knocks fisherman into sea as beast torpedos boat

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