Neighbour leaves furious note slamming resident for DISGUSTING act on balconies

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A NEIGHBOUR left a furious note in their apartment block slamming a resident for repeatedly committing a nauseating act on their balconies.

The horrified homeowner let rip at the “disgusting” tenant who has been spewing up over the side of the building in Sydney.


A mystery vomiter has been tormenting residents in the Sydney apartment complexCredit: Alamy


The furious resident let rip in a note displayed inside the building

The mystery vomiter seems to have been sprinting to their veranda when they start to feel unwell and throwing up onto the floor below.

But the flying puke has been splashing onto other residents who are unfortunately situated below them.

After becoming sick and tired of cleaning up the putrid puke, one neighbour decided to confront the complex’s anonymous spewer.

They displayed a note on the wall of the building in Redfern expressing their outrage at the stomach-churning habit.

It read: “To the disgusting person who keeps on vomiting over the edge of their balcony, STOP DOING IT.

“Your neighbours don’t appreciate cleaning YOUR vomit off our balconies, outdoor furniture, our clothes we are drying outside, or ourselves if we’re outside trying to enjoy using our balcony when you decide to vomit over the edge.

“Respect your neighbours and keep your vomit inside your own apartment.”

The post went viral on Reddit after social media users weighed in on the sickly situation.

One baffled user wrote: “The fact that this happens often enough that they needed to put a note up about it, like wow.

“I could understand and get over a one-time occurrence if they had a party and their drunk friend booted over the side but like… What?

“Do they not have a bathroom?”

Another commented: “I’d leave a huge bucket on the balcony, collect the vom, then return the gesture.”

A third suggested: “Just follow the trail of vomit back up the building until you get to the balcony with no vomit, then go down one level and that’s your vomiter.”

And a fourth joked: “This solidifies my opinion on ever living in an apartment again.”

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