Russia threatens West with nuclear war & vows to prepare BOMB SHELTERS in rage over Putin guru daughter assassination

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RUSSIA has threatened the West with nuclear war and vowed to prepare bomb shelters after the daughter of Putin’s guru was assassinated.

Darya Dugina was killed in a devastating blast by a car bomb widely believed to have been aimed at her father Alexander Dugin.


Philosopher Alexander Dugin attended his daughter’s funeral today after she was blown up with a car bombCredit: AP


Russia have now threatened the West with nuclear war as Dugin vowed revengeCredit: EPA

The man dubbed Vladimir Putin’s guru joined mourners at his daughter’s funeral today and vowed revenge for the blast that killed the 30-year-old.

He and his daughter were guests of honour at the Tradition family festival at the Zakharovo estate and had planned to leave together.

But Dugin hopped into another vehicle and unknowingly dodged the attempted assassination, according to reports.

Neo-Nazi mystic Dugin has long called for an invasion of Ukraine and chillingly believes that Moscow has the right to rule over all of Europe and Asia.

Yesterday, Putin broke his silence on the killing, branding the death a “vile crime”.

Fuelled by the bombing, the enraged Kremlin have now taken things up a notch with the threat of nuclear war, according to the Daily Beast.

Andrey Gurulyov, State Duma deputy, former deputy commander of Russia’s southern military district warned the west of impending war.

He said: “We’re at war with the United States and the UK… If the British soldiers end up on the territory of Ukraine, this war won’t be taking place in Ukraine.

“It will be taking place in all spheres: in space, on air, at sea, on land—including the British territory and the territory of Russia. Russia!”

Gurulyov bemoaned the lack of preparedness in the country and demanded that immediate steps be taken to fortify civil defence measures, including the system of bomb shelters.

He predicted: “Sooner or later, NATO forces will pop up here or there. Let’s start getting ready for it today, to preserve our population and our industry.”

The former commander called for Russia’s nuclear doctrine to be changed in a menacing speech, believing “the time of peace” had come to an end.

“Nuclear weapons could be used as needed. The time of peace has come to an end. It’s over,” he vowed.

And co-host of state TV show 60 minutes Olga Skabeeva accused the West along with Ukraine of fanning the flames of nuclear war.

She said: “Ukrainians – along with their handlers – are getting ready for nuclear terror, up to the war with Russia.

“Ukrainian and Western intelligence services wanted to terrorise the Russian people but they failed.”

Russia’s propaganda networks had also come up with a string of theories, claiming an alleged multinational plot to target the daughter of “Putin’s brain”.

Petr Akopov wrote: “Who wanted to kill Dugin? Those whom he openly called “servants of the devil,” that is, the globalist Anglo-Saxon elite.”

While military expert military Igor Korotchenko accused Britain of being part of an assassination plot on a state TV broadcast.

He said: “The terrorist attack that caused Darya’s death is a joint military operation by the three special services, I will name those countries: Ukraine, Estonia and Great Britain.”

With efforts to recruit volunteers within Russia falling short, Dugina’s killing is now being used to mobilise society. 

The philosopher’s daughter had become a public figure in her own right as a “political analyst” and editor of pro-Putin publication United World International.

Moscow yesterday named the alleged assassin of Dugina as a 43-year-old mum and member of the Ukrainian National Guard.

Putin’s spies even claim that she snuck in and out of Russia in a Mini Cooper in a killing with echoes of the classic 1969 film The Italian Job.

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