Snoozing Russian soldier gets shock wake-up call when drone drops BOMB by him

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A SNOOZING Russian soldier received a terrifying wake-up call when a Ukrainian drone dropped a BOMB next to him.

Dramatic footage claims to have captured the troop springing from his slumber in the trench as the missile explodes.


The alleged Ukrainian drone creeps up on the snoozing soldier who is conked out in his trenchCredit: Twitter


The bomb explodes upon impact, proving a startling wake-up call for the troopCredit: Twitter

He had dozed off in the ditch clutching his rifle when his cat-nap was spectacularly interrupted by the surprise ambush.

The clip shows the drone hovering directly above the resting Russian before deploying what appears to be a home-made bomb.

It falls just inches to the right of his makeshift boudoir and erupts upon impact, sending plumes of black smoke billowing.

Putin’s startled goon stumbles out of the foxhole as debris flies across him, although the majority of shrapnel seems to have missed him.

He miraculously appears to have survived the shelling despite the close proximity, though the blast would likely have left him at least partially deaf.

In the soldier’s frantic dash to safety, he was forced to abandon his weapon for the sake of speed.

The drone cam then records the aftermath of the blast, providing a wider aerial view while assessing the damage.

The troop then disappears out of shot.

The shocking video was shared on a Telegram channel with a Ukrainian name, claiming to be footage of “the attack pilots of 128 GShB.”

Super sleuths suggested the title could indicate that Ukraine’s 128th Mountain Assault Brigade was behind the bomb.

Reddit users also shared their thoughts on the video, with many left baffled by how the troop managed to make a run for it.

One wrote: “He better be thanking that slight breeze as well as him being in a little pit.

“Appears most shrapnel went over him. I’m sure he had a f***ing heart attack though as well as them ears are toast.”


Another joked: “Still better than default android alarm.”

A third commented: “Imagine being sleep deprived, hot, sweaty, dirty, hungry, and taking a nap just to get woken up by shrapnel flying at you.

“I hope Russia gets defeated soon and the war ends. No human should have to go through this.”

And a fourth said: “The PTSD. Guy is never gonna sleep soundly ever again for fear of another drone attack.”

The emergence of the footage comes as Europe teetered on the edge of disaster after a Ukrainian nuclear plant was removed from the power grid by Russian forces.

President Zelensky said a Chernobyl-style catastrophe was narrowly averted after shelling by Vladimir Putin’s men caused fires that led to the plant’s electricity supply being disconnected.

Fire damage to overhead power lines caused the last two reactors at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) to be cut off.

“Heroic” staff quickly activated diesel generators and the reactor has now been reconnected to the Ukrainian grid.


Putin’s dazed goon scurries to safety – abandoning his weapon in the processCredit: Twitter


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